Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goodbye to dark circles and bags under the eyes of the most effective way

Burn the midnight oil, lack of sleep, give rise to a nasty bags under the eyes and the black eye? But the destruction of this beautiful image of a major killer. Percentage of white beauty wants to do, we should stay away from bags under the eyes and refused to "panda eyes"! How do I do that? Experts say take a look at the Expert Weapon 8 kinds of ways to let you sparkle so beautiful!

1, positive and optimistic, the right medicine approach. The courage to try, but to remain patient, and some therapies require long-term persist before there are results.

2, adequate sleep is the best way, almost all of the acquired type black eye are available through access to quality of sleep have been alleviated and improved. The advantage of sleep, the pituitary gland in the release during sleep hormone melatonin and stimulate the body's organs for autologous repair, but also including the circulatory system (lymph and blood), skin and nervous system. After a full rehabilitation, we are radiant, full of energy, and even feeling the pressure yesterday, a lot of light, is not it?

3, for the skin around the eyes to add plenty of moisture, so that epidermal cell "drink" enough water, as lively as ever.

4, to completely exclude the eye make-up, for the use of eye cosmetics, such as eye shadow, sequined, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow, etc. texture, water or oil formulations, waterproof or not, heavy makeup, etc. circumstances, the use of a dedicated solution or Makeup Remover Eye Makeup Remover, but also together with the necessary patience and love, for example, sufficient time will be covered with liquid remover cotton pad and deposited in the coated waterproof mascara on the eyelashes and wait for dissolved with a clean cotton pad and wiped, and then clean cotton swabs by the root eyelashes and so on. Resolutely put an end to the residual cosmetics cause pigmentation. A few days a week to choose the makeup, but also a good way to relax the skin.

5, pay attention to everyday cosmetic effects not to take some non-natural ingredients containing hormones health care medicines, beauty foods, weight-loss drugs, etc., so that means though short-term results are obvious, but the long-term but it will disrupt the natural biological clock in humans, to the body have great destructive changes in hormone levels easy for skin to dry brittle. During pregnancy and women in physical, you can use products such as sunscreen and after-sun repair to reduce the combined effect of hormones and ultraviolet light damage to the skin. Pregnant women can use the purely physical sunscreen products. Do not use physical phase painkillers containing the hormone, nor to delay menstruation and easy use of emergency contraception like drugs.

6, in daily life, eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, pay attention to more absorption of dietary protein, fat, amino acids and minerals, such as lean meat, eggs, soy products and fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, peanuts, soybeans, sesame seeds are rich in vitamin A, have a certain effect on the elimination of dark circles.

7 can be used tea bag to Fu Yan, and thus reduce the amount of bags under the eyes of the swelling.

8, removal of bags under the eyes there is a more durable effect of the method is through surgery cured bags under the eyes. Qu bags under the eyes can be divided into surgical and endo-exo-style-type two kinds. Exo-type suitable for older, skin, relaxation, wrinkles more persons; within a-cut for no obvious loose skin, age, little people.

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