Sunday, January 17, 2010

Four kinds of the wrong people kiss bad mood

Kissing is a very good thing, it lets people passion, love sparks scattered. But some untimely kiss, will play spoilsport. The U.S. version of "Marie Claire" magazine reminded, both Chushi couple, or couples for many years, should avoid the following four kinds of kissing the wrong way.

Sex attack too. "Kiss should be gentle, elegant, rather than like animals Luanyao." A "kissing" victims big down grievances. Emotional well-known experts in the United States Diana Na Wei Libert said, kiss slowly to start, and the other with eye contact or affection, there is no harbinger of the kiss is liable to lead to dissatisfaction. If the partner has been in the kissing mouth shut, it means you too aggressive and in need of restraint about desire.


"Granny peck." Kissing without tongue involvement, the effect necessarily be bad. Moreover, the lips must be moist so as not to rub pain, graze. The cooperation needed from the entire mouth kissing, not just pushed out his lips only. Lips tightly closed, only then peck or two, not open anyone's heart. At this point, if dry lips, skin rough, will further reduce the kiss the sexy, the French called it "granny peck."

Pungent. When there is smell mouth kissing is the most unpleasant thing, how superb kissing technique is also not save. Even the married couples for many years, should be in the gentle pre-brushing, mouthwash. Also note that excluding teeth inside is dirty, clean feeling to their partners.


Saliva turbulence. Gently kissed the forehead or cheek is a sweet move. But by this time we must guard against indiscriminate tongue licking, saliva DC. This will give people dirty, vulgar feeling. Some people like to kiss your partner's ear, or even bite ear lobe. At this point we should pay attention, do not let saliva turbulence, they should not be stretching the tongue each other's ears

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