Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby pillow when you need to sleep

People used to believe that we must go to bed pillows and pillows, so Jiugei births have also just been a small pillow pillow. We say that this totally unnecessary, which is not conducive to the normal development of newborns. As the newborn spine is straight, so when lying down, back and back of the head in the same plane, the state does not cause muscle tension caused by stiff neck; with newborn's head large, almost shoulder width, side also Naturally, newborns do not need pillows. If the head was boosted, and people might get the head and neck bent to form, affecting newborn's breathing and swallowing, and may even accidents. In order to prevent Tunai, infant upper body can be a little booster 1 cm.

When the baby grows to 3 to 4 months, the neck, spine began to bend forward, when to sleep when one centimeter high pillow pillows. Grow to seven ~ eight months, started to learn to sit when the baby began to chest spine backward bending, widened shoulders are also developed, when the child was sleeping pillow should be about 3 cm high pillow. Is too high, too low, not conducive to sleep and normal physical development, and often a high pillow hump the pillow easy to form.

To the newborn in popular and hard pillow (a pillow used to do Sorghum meters) and high pillow, so that the spine of the development of newborns are affected. For children's normal development, according to the physiological characteristics of newborns, developmental characteristics, not to newborn pillow pillows.

Baby's pillow is too high too low, will affect the breathing smooth and neck blood circulation, affecting the quality of sleep and daytime state of mind.

Then the baby's pillow, how tall better?

This is according to baby's age and physiological characteristics to determine. On yard baby, spine is basically straight, head is relatively large, almost shoulder width, lie horizontally, the back of the head and back in the same plane, so there is no need to use pillows, towels can also be used for adult face mount into the form 4 fold when the pillow to use.

Baby to 3 months will rise, when the cervical spine by the neck before the advent of sudden song, with the body's development, have gradually increased Kuankuan shoulder. Time to make the right position during sleep, they should start with a pillow of.

The baby's pillow height of 3-4 cm or so, children, compared with 6-9 cm.

Baby's pillow must fit Flex. Excellent bian first partial face could easily lead to the abnormal, but also the occipital ring of hair worn bald emerged pillows, parents often mistakenly believe that this baby is suffering from rickets; too soft and large pillows will make a small age baby Neonatal cause asphyxiation.

The baby's pillow must often Xishai. When the child was sleeping, and sometimes sweating, and sometimes because of crying tears, the pillow will leave many of perspiration or dirt. Therefore, we must always give their children Xishai pillows, preferably once or twice a year for Pillow to keep pillows clean, dry, no smell, so as not to trigger some allergic diseases, skin diseases

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