Sunday, January 17, 2010

City how to drink that they do not damage the health of men?

1. As far as possible to drink hot wine

Whether white wine, rice wine, heating, after drinking: First, aromatic taste buds; second is a low boiling point volatile aldehydes out of some harmful substances, reduce harmful ingredients.

Drink hard to avoid. Moderate drinking, healthy, alcohol will damage the health. What drink does not damage the health? Believe is everyone's concern.

 2. Do not mix a variety of wine to drink
Due to various wine components, the content is different from mixing with each other will play a change, make people uncomfortable, after drinking, or even headaches, easy drunk.

  3. Do not drink fasting
Side of drinking, eating the one hand, wine in the stomach to stay a long time, alcohol interference by gastric acid, absorption is slow, it is unlikely drunk.

 4. Liquor, beer should be noted that
Baijiu, we should drink boiled water, to facilitate the alcohol as soon as possible with urine excreted; drinking beer, should wash the toilet; drinking spirits is best on the rocks.

Concern: long-term smokers with high spirits of people addicted to drink chances of a high risk of laryngeal cancer.

 5. Drink when you eat more green leafy vegetables and soy products
Green leafy vegetables and vitamin antioxidants can protect the liver; soy lecithin in the liver also have a protective role.

  6. The best material is not a sober tea, and certainly not Sprite and Coke, but the juice
Fruit juice, especially orange juice, apple juice can play the role of a good hangover, because they contain fructose, can help to better combustion of alcohol.

  7. Do not cut a bath after drinking
Human body after drinking the glucose stored in the bath will be physical activity, consumed, causing reduced blood glucose levels, body temperature dropped sharply, while the alcohol inhibits the liver normal activities, hinder the body store glucose recovery, resulting in life-threatening, causing death.

 8. Do not be party drug wine wine
Some medicines may be some elements with the conflict with food, or from chemical changes after drinking disgusting, vomiting, and malaise.

  9. Do not big mouth and drank
Drink slowly and from time to time to pause and drink Do not drink carbonated beverages, such as cola, soft drinks and so on, so as not to accelerate the speed of the body to absorb alcohol

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