Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 million women, menstruation can not do 14 things

Modern women are always prides itself on its stylish concepts in life, even during menstruation, do any of the things that are no taboos, does not know that these "new ideas" are endangering our health. In fact, menstrual cramps will have all parts of the body will have some effect, the following acts, women in the menstrual period should not do:

1, hammers waist

Lumbar acid leg swelling, we beat Suanzhang through the muscles to ease the discomfort, the same token, many women during menstruation also habitually beat the waist to ease the waist Suanzhang.

But doing so has made a mistake. Gynecology Experts point out that the waist Suanzhang menstruation is caused by pelvic congestion at this time beat the waist will lead to more pelvic congestion, but increasing Suanzhang sense. In addition, menstrual endometrium hammer waist is not conducive to repair the wound healing after peeling off, resulting in increased bleeding, menstrual extension.

2, physical examination

In addition to unfit gynecological examination during menstruation and urine, the same is unfit for blood andECGAnd other inspection items. Because at this time by the impact of hormone secretion is difficult to obtain real data.

3, dial teeth

I am afraid that very few dentists in the allocation of teeth before will be asked whether you are menstruating, but you must know, can not be set aside during menstruation teeth! Otherwise, not only an increase in allocation of teeth, bleeding volume, call the teeth will be a long time after leaving blood in his mouth, affecting appetite, leading to menstrualMalnutrition. This is because the menstrual period, endometrial release of the organization more active substances, will beBloodThe plasminogen activator of protein fibers as having anti-clotting effect of fibrinolytic enzyme, while the body's platelet count also decreased, so the body ability to reduce blood clotting, bleeding longer.

4, with the bath liquid cleaning perineum

The period of perineal prone to odor, especially in the summer, but in passing while taking a bath with the bath liquid clean the genitals, or perineum cleaned with hot water again is not enough healthy, but is apt to cause genital infection, causing itching disease. Because the female vagina is normally slightly acidic environment, can inhibit bacterial growth, but will be passing through the vagina during the partial alkaline resistance of bacteria to reduce vulnerability to infection, the vagina without the use of professional cleaning solution or repeated washing with hot water is more will lead to increased alkaline. Therefore, the need to choose a professional cleaning perineum perineal cleaning fluid, especially during menstruation.

5, alcohol

Hormone secretion in vivo is also affected by the impact of menstrual women, the body's enzymes to reduce hangover, so easy to drunk alcohol. More seriously, in order to produce enzymes to help break down break down alcohol, significantly heavier burden of the liver, so drinking alcohol during this period than usual would result in serious harm to the liver, triggering increases the possibility of liver dysfunction.


Menstruating women, vocal cord capillaries are also congestion, the wall has become more vulnerable. At this point a long time or loudly K song, may be due to the tense and high-speed vibration of vocal cords caused by vocal cord capillaries rupture, hoarseness, and may even cause permanent damage to the vocal cords, such as voice changes such as low or thicker. The doctors to remind women from menstrual cramps started two days ago should be careful not to long or loud singing.

7, inappropriate sex life

Menstrual phase factor uterine endometrium spalling, surface wound surface, in case of sexual life, easy to introduce bacteria to the previous retrograde into the uterine cavity, causing intrauterine infection.

8, unfit to eat salty

Salty food, the body's salt and moisture will stay in storage increased in the years before menstruation, it is prone toHeadache, Agitation and easy to anger and other symptoms.

9, not suitable for drinking tea, coffee

Such high levels of caffeine in beverages, easy to stimulate the nerves and cardiovascular, and subsequently leads to menstrual pain, excessive menstrual flow menstrual extension and other symptoms.

10, not suitable for eating fruits and vegetables, raw and cold foods cold drinks

Too much cold food, will reduce the speed of blood circulation, thereby affecting the contraction of the uterus, and menstrual discharges, caused by emission of negative blood, causing menstrual pain.

11, eat fried foods

After deep-fried food is a big taboo for women deceive. Because of the progesterone receptor, endocrine effects of menstrual women, an increase in sebum secretion, skin oily, and telangiectasia, skin becomes sensitive. At this point the consumption of fried foods, will increase the burden on the skin, prone to powder assassination,Acne、Folliculitis, As well as dark circles. In addition, because menstrualFatAnd water metabolism slowed down, this time to eat fried foods, fat accumulation in the body is also easy.

12, not suitable for wearing tights pants

Hip little tights will make local capillary pressure, thus affecting the blood circulation, resulting in genital congestionEdema。

13, menstrual period to participate in sports Attention

Menstrual period, intense exercise, such as the high jump, long jump, running, football, etc. will be induced or exacerbated by the body during menstrual discomfort, and even causeDysmenorrheaAnd menstrual disorders. Some increase in the strength of abdominal exercises, such as weightlifting, dumbbells, should also be avoided, otherwise it would cause excessive menstrual or menstrual extension. In addition, because menstrual uterine mouth is slightly open state, the bacteria easily invade the uterine cavity, increasing the chance of infection, causing all kinds of gynecological inflammation, therefore unsuitable for swimming during menstruation. Menstrual period we should not participate in the competition, so as to avoid psychological stress, resulting in endocrine disorders and menstrual disorders. For severe dysmenorrhea and genital inflammation of the girl, menstrual best to suspend the sport.

However, an appropriate amount of sports for girls body is useful. Such as gymnastics, table tennis, tai chi, jogging, walking a small amount of the queue and some other activities, the intensity of light, action, mild physical activity, can promote blood circulation, relieve menstrual abdominal bulge, andPainAre beneficial. Also facilitate the adjustment of the brain's excitatory and inhibitory processes, distraction and maintain the spirit of a happy, reduce menstrual tension, irritability and other discomfort.

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