Sunday, January 17, 2010

Woman of the five golden era of anti-plaque

A female reaches puberty sebaceous gland secretion due to strong, good long "acne" "acne," died down, very easy to stay in the local "pocked", medicine is called "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation." This period is a woman against the first golden age spots. This spot is due to local infection and inflammation of the skin to stimulate the basal melanocytes over-production and secretion caused by melanin. Thus, in the "acne" acute exacerbation of anti-inflammatory should be bactericidal, rapidly control the disease, while avoiding hand-squeezed, in order to effectively reduce the "pocked" from happening.

Second, twenty or thirty year-old woman in the workplace work hard, if in a bad mood, long-term lack of sleep, mental stress, fatigue caused by neurological disorders, adrenal function decline in sebum also cause skin pigmentation. Therefore, a woman the second anti-spot golden attitude adjustment, work and rest, to develop good habits is critical

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